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  • Ibrahim J. Awad, Esq.

Mind-blowing, Stereotype-Shattering Sequence of Events

Conservative Governor Chris Christie 's pick of Indian-American Attorney Sohail Mohammed to Superior Court Judgeship in New Jersey in 2011, making him the second Muslim judge in Superior Court, a man who publicly defended Guantanamo detainees, has led to a precedent-setting case expanding women's right to privacy.

On March 10, 2014, in a published opinion, Judge Mohammed ruled that an expectant mother does not have to notify the father of her baby, nor does she have to allow him in the delivery room if the parents are estranged or unmarried. Judge Mohammed cited Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey to support his ruling. Please count the number of decimated stereotypes!

1) Conservatives are Islamophobes- crushed

2) Muslims are barbaric misogynists- annihilated

3) Only Arabs are Muslim- pulverized

4) Indians only run gas stations- trampled

5) Sharia Law is taking over- obliterated

Meet New Jersey's First Indian-American Judge. News on the recent ruling here.

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