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  • Ibrahim J. Awad, Esq.

10 Useful Tips When Pulled Over

1. Always place your hands on the wheel.

- Avoid jerky movements or reaching under your seat or center console.

2. Know you are protected by the 5th amendment

- Consider answering non-invasive questions related to the reason for the stop.

- Don't volunteer information

3. Be Polite

- Answer with "Yes, sir" and "No, sir"

4. Always ask for the reason you were stopped

5. You have the right to refuse a search

- Understand that your car may be searched regardless

- Do not ever physically resist the search

- Only verbalize your refusal

6. Do not be intimidated by the officer

- Be persistent, but polite

7. Do not compromise your position & open the trunk

- If you do consent to a search, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

8. In GA, only one party needs to consent to an audio/video recording.

- Place the recording device away from officer so as to not assume a confrontational posture

9. If questioned about recording, say that is is for your protection

10. If a K-9 unit arrives, the dog may check the perimeter of your vehicle

- Police may not unreasonably prolong your detention waiting for the K-9 unit

- Record amount of time K-9 unit takes to arrive

- To ensure appropriate commands are administered, video record the police guiding the K-9

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