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  • Ibrahim J. Awad, Esq.

Do I need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?


For all of you out there that have insurance coverage on your vehicles, be sure to have something called uninsured motorist coverage, which means if God-forbid someone hits you and doesn't have insurance, your insurance will actually take care of your bodily injury claim.

So, if you're in a hit and run, you don't know if the other person has insurance, they've ran away, you can't get to their insurance policy. You need to have uninsured motorist coverage for at least $25,000. You really need $25,000 in uninsured (excess not reduced-by) coverage.


You'll also need to add at least $10,000 in medical payment coverage. If God-forbid you are injured, then you actually have medical payment coverage to pay your bills for your injuries. This applies, even if you're not at fault.

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