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  • Ibrahim J. Awad, Esq.

McMichaels Arrested! We're Not Done.

So they've been arrested. The father son vigilante duo is currently in custody, and they've been denied bail. Is that enough?

Has a righteous indignation been relieved? Do we not do anything else? Let's just take a moment to think on why we're so upset. 74 days, a video, national media attention- that's what it took.

And, you know, I initially suspected that there was some type of corruption between law enforcement and the district attorney's office, and it turns out I was half right.

Glynn county police department actually wanted to arrest the McMichael's, but "representatives" from the DA's office told them not to. Who's the DA? Jackie Johnson. Jackie Johnson is put in a position of trust for administering justice amongst the citizenry.

She needs to be removed from office for violating that trust. It's so unjust I can't even find the right words. It's so wrong for her to remain in office when she instructs the police department to not make an arrest to get a person who used to work for her to potentially get away with murder, she needs to be removed.

Now, reasonable minds may differ, and I don't like painting broad brush strokes, but this is not reasonable. This is reprehensible. She needs to be removed immediately. But that's just one part of the puzzle.

After it was out of her hands, it went to George Barnhill, another district attorney, and he writes a memo that justifies the murderer's actions. I mean, show me another case where the District Attorney's office writes a memo to justify that a murderer did something lawful and thus should not be arrested, should not be prosecuted. That doesn't happen.

The memo reads like a defense attorney's closing argument in a trial. Show me another case from George Barnhill or any other DA that actually exonerates a suspect, a criminal suspect for murder and excuses that behavior. ' Now, is he equally culpable as Jackie Johnson? I would say not. But he also needs to be removed from public office for writing this memo and showing purely that he has a bias. Again, reasonable minds may differ, but not on this one, people. Not on this particular case. Now that's not enough.

It went to third district attorney, Tom Durden and Tom Durden, thank the Lord, requests GBI to get involved after Vic Reynolds, the Director of the GBI, calls him and says, listen, if you need our help, we can help you. So thank God GBI got involved under the direction of Vic Reynolds; however, Tom Durden didn't make an arrest and yet defers it to the grand jury to potentially make an indictment. And the grand jury, as we know, Georgia (court) is under lock down, will not convene until mid June. Why did he delay that? You gotta look at this objectively.

He has all the evidence, and we know he has all the evidence. In fact, all the DAs, all three DA's, had the evidence very early on, and the evidence is very strong. Vic Reynolds goes on record and says, we are "very comfortable" with making an arrest, and actually the GBI makes an arrest within 36 hours. So you gotta ask yourself, why does Tom Durden not make an arrest? That's bias. That is more than unreasonable. That is unacceptable.

Is he as culpable as George Barnhill? No. Is he as culpable as Jackie Johnson? Absolutely not. But guys, these people are in a position of trust. They're violating their oaths. Tom Durden also needs to be removed, if this bias exists, and we have documentation of it, especially when GBI makes an arrest within 36 hours. You gotta look at yourself and say, ask yourself this: why? Why didn't they make an arrest? Why? There's something more going on and this is what we see.

If this is what we see, God knows what we don't see. It's unacceptable.

All three district attorneys need to be removed. They violated their position of trust, and they need to be removed immediately. Don't sit back and say they've (McMichaels) been arrested and that's it.

Our job is not done.

Our job is just beginning.

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