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From Injury To Pre-Lawsuit Settlement

Many people don't know where and how to get started-- if you've just been hurt in a car wreck, here are the five phases from injury to a pre-lawsuit settlement.

The first phase is your treatment phase. If you are hurt, you have to get the proper medical attention. Insurance companies will demand that the doctor has written in their report that the injury was caused by the wreck, so you must rely on your attorney to get you to the proper doctors.

The second phase of your injury case is collecting the medical records. At this point, your lawyer requests all of your medical documentation. And depending on the medical providers, it may take up to 60 days for your lawyer's office to receive all of your medical records and itemized bills.

The third phase of your injury case is working on the offer of compromise. This is the document where your story is told, how the wreck has impacted your life. This process may take a couple of weeks, so that the attorney can accurately convey your story.

The fourth phase is negotiating with the insurance company. Insurance companies are pulling all the strings in a personal injury case, and their sole focus is to pay the least amount of money possible. This part of the process may take several months, depending on how difficult the insurance company wants to be.

The final phase of your injury case is the settlement and disbursement phase. If you do give permission to your attorney to resolve your case, they should send you a document, which is called a disbursement sheet. This sheet will reflect how much money goes to the medical providers, how much money goes to the law office, and how much money actually goes in your pocket.

Once you sign this document and return it to your attorney, that finally authorizes the attorney to make all the proper disbursements. At this stage, your case is complete without ever having to file a lawsuit.

And those are the five phases from injury to a pre-lawsuit settlement.

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