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  • Ibrahim J. Awad, Esq.

What Type of Insurance Should I Get?

The one thing that I always get asked, "what is the best type of car insurance? Usually, when I get this question, it's from the perspective of which company is best?

Is it State Farm?

Is it Geico?

Is it Allstate? (definitely not)

Is it progressive?

And the reality is it's not about the company, it's about the actual policy. So when you look up policies and you ask about quotes, a lot of times you're not comparing apples to apples because just people don't know what to ask for.

So hopefully my goal for this video is to give you a bit of an insight as to what you should actually be looking for.

What is full coverage? Now, when you do ask this question, usually the answer is, oh, it means that you also have uninsured motorist coverage.

In the state of Georgia, you're not required to have uninsured motorists coverage, you're just supposed to have liability. And the liability limits here in the state of Georgia are $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident. That is what you need to drive on the road insured. Okay, so that's the minimum now.

What should I get? Check out the video for my recommendation!

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