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Awad Law Firm Testimonials & Reviews

A Law Firm you can trust. You can be confident that the Awad Law Firm will treat your case with the highest ethical standards. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have been saying. 

Our goals are to assess client needs, answer client questions, and to defend them in and out of court against charges filed against them or help clients obtain fair compensation for their accidents and injuries. We understand that criminal charges and personal injuries can have drastic effects on you and your family. As a result, we have tailored our practice to meet the needs of every client who walks through our doors.

5-Stars - Deborah G.

I contacted Mr. Awad in reference to a traffic violation. I had many questions regarding my rights. He responded quickly (on a weekend), reviewed my notes and photos, and provided all information I was seeking. Very professional.

Excellent Lawyer, Excellent Brother

Attorney Ibrahim Award handled our accident case. He is an excellent attorney and kept us informed about our case. He fought for us and got us a wonderful settlement. I sincerely recommend his firm!

I Call Ibrahim My Angel

I called Ibrahim and it took him 2 hours in traffic to get to the jail to see me but he was there. He was diligent in his representation of me and was unrelenting in getting favorable results for me. I call Ibrahim my angel, my friend and my forever attorney. Great job Ibrahim!

The Best Attorney

He deserves to be called a lawyer: very efficient, honest, fast and believes in his client.  He got me my check within a few weeks.  He did what nobody else was capable of.  I hope I will have no more accident but in case i do i will definitely choose him to represent me.

Amazing Attorney


Let me start by saying Ibrahim is an amazing attorney. Right after my bf was in a car accident I found this law firm on yelp and immediately dialed his number. I could tell within the first minute of talking that he was all about his clients, and through the whole process I was able to check in and he had all details ready for us. End of story, we were very happy with the results. Great man and great customer service. The receptionist at this law firm was also very helpful when I would call and he was away. She made sure to get every message to him and he would call back in an appropriate amount of time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)

He will fight for you and be your Champion!

We highly recommend The Awad Law Firm.  Mr. Ibrahim Awad was contracted to represent a loved one that had two serious criminal charges.  From the onset, Mr. Awad's dedication and commitment to acquiring the best possible result was unparalleled.  Mr. Awad was highly professional in his handling of the legal matters.  He demonstrated legal expertise and wisdom.  His communication with us was exceptional, including being available, even after hours when warranted.  We were well-represented during a very difficult and stressful time.  Throughout the legal process, Mr. Awad displayed a great balance of compassion and caring for his client and our family as well as focused legal work.  Mr. Awad's patience, persistence and skill resulted in a very favorable outcome.  We highly recommend The Awad Law Firm and Mr. Ibrahim Awad, specifically.  He will fight for you and be your champion.

Wonderful, Dedicated Lawyer

Ibrahim Awad helped our family when my father was in a car accident. He was very detailed in his attention to our case. He worked with us on helping my dad receive medical attention and he worked with our car insurance company. He offered great advice and assisted us on every step during the process of our case. My family and I would highly recommend him and we are grateful for his dedicated work.

I was very impressed with Mr. Awad.

Recently, Mr. Awad represented my case for my speeding ticket in Lilburn, GA. I was very impressed on his representation. As a lawyer and person, he is professional with good work ethics. I would definitely use his expertise again if necessary.

Ibrahim is an Excellent Attorney!

Ibrahim is an excellent attorney whose main goal is his client's best interest. When I was referred to him after my car accident I didn't know I had any sort of a case. Ibrahim was very informative in describing my options, and when I decided to go with him as my representative he was very professional and always kept me informed until its successful resolution. Overall, he is a great attorney. He will tell you all of your options and is not at all pushy. Above all he is very professional while still making you feel like family.

Thankful! Mr. Awad is awesome, got my case dismissed!

Mr. Awad assisted me in a traffic court case beyond my expectations. Not only did he respond promptly, he was extremely informative and attentive. He answered all questions, comforted my fears, and handled my case with care. Needless to say, case dismissed. Thank you so much :-)

Mr. Awad is a great lawyer who cares about his clients!

Mr. Awad is a great lawyer! He helped me get a driving while suspended charge taken care of. He really cares about his clients, and keeps you well informed on your case. I would highly recommend hiring him! -David


Mr. Awad CARES!

Mr. Awad TRULY cares about his clients. He works very hard to get his clients the best deal. The whole process with him as my lawyer was extremely smooth! He kept me informed every step of the way. All points were removed off my driver's licence and my fine was reduced to 15% of the original amount!

Honest and Trustworthy Attorney!


Ibrahim Jamal Awad helped me with my speeding ticket and fought for my rights in Court. If you have any issues, I would recommend consulting with Ibrahim to get all the help you need.  I have so many tickets, however, Ibrahim managed to help me avoid getting points.  I strongly recommend Ibrahim. -Zack Oughriss


Ibrahim settled my car wreck case!

Ibrahim Awad settled my car wreck case I was in a year ago; I was first with another attorney, but they weren't updating me or informing me of anything dealing with my case. Ibrahim was very efficient, knowledgeable, kept me updated and informed me about everything going on in my case. Thanks to the Awad Law Firm, I received my check which was way more than I expected, and as promised, I left very satisfied! Thank you!

Reduced my fines in half!

I recently hired Awad as my lawyer and he did a great job got my fines reduced in half and we were in and out of the court room fairly fast. If you need a great defense lawyer he's your guy!


Hire Mr. Awad!

Mr. Ibrahim Awad did an excellent job advising me. He responded very quickly, kept me informed. This is the man you want defending/advising you.


Ibrahim saved me $11,000.00 From Debt Collectors!

A very responsive, knowledgeable and extremely professional lawyer, who is a very helpful personalty in his profession. He saved me approximately $11,000.00 from debt collectors.  He solved my case, and I never even appeared in court. He is very trustworthy, reasonable and an outstanding attorney.  I recommend him for any kind of cases in future.

Professional and above all Trustworthy!

Mr Ibrahim Awad is an extremely professional, knowledgable, reasonable and trustworthy lawyer. His personality and work ethics are that of a man who has a clear vision. Recently he handled my case expeditiously and with good results. I would certainly recommend him to all in the future.


Mr. Awad saved me $1,000 and time in jail!

Mr. Awad helped me get rid of an arrest warrant and about $1,000 in fines for a traffic ticket I received for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign and unintentionally not showing in court. I was under the impression the fine had been paid by my employer as promised. Mr. Awad was always professional, friendly, and gave me solid legal advice every step of the way. If I ever need a lawyer again, he will be the first attorney I call.

Knowledgeable, Personable, and Quick!

I watched Mr. Awad handle a client while I was waiting to argue my case in traffic court. His quick resolution for the client made me stop him and ask for assistance with my matter. He listened to my concerns and spoke to the solicitor in the courtroom and in mere moments, my case was dismissed. I am doubtful that I would have been able to get the same result on my own. Mr. Awad not only saved me time, he kept me from paying a fine and missing work. Would definitely hire again!

Awesome thorough job!

My experience with Mr. Awad's professional services were very positive from start to finish. He kept me posted about all what was required from me and made me feel at ease concerning my traffic court appearance. On the court date, he handled all the paperwork and the interactions with the personnel there and the Judge who gave me a lesser fine amount with no points on my driver's license.

Georgia's Finest Lawyer

Ibrahim is a very professional, knowledgable, and trustworthy lawyer. His personality and work ethic are that of a man who sees the finish line and doesn't get held up by obstacles in the way. My case is a perfect example of the "man" mentioned above. I received a simple speeding ticket, a speeding ticket that turned into a race against time. I threw my case onto Ibrahim approximately one day before the court date, expecting that he would say there is nothing he could do, and he took the case in full stride and never looked back. He got me the best outcome possible and the speeding ticket was dismissed and I got off scot-free. Oh, did I mention that I didn't show up to the court room? My forgetfulness and lack of attention to detail did not stop Ibrahim from putting 100%+ into getting me the best result possible and he did just that. I recommend Ibrahim to anybody who needs help. He is an investment that will pay off and then some.

Speedy Negotiator

I had a speeding ticket, 21 over in a 55 mph zone, in DeKalb county and I had accumulated too many points on my licence so I was afraid of receiving a suspension. Ibrahim worked with the prosecutor to help keep the citation off my record. He took the time to explain to me the pre-trial deal and assured me that he fought for the best options available. He was always professional and courteous. He has now earned 100% of my business.


by David, a Speeding Ticket client

Best lawyer in Atlanta

He's a lawyer not a liar. He actually knows what hes doing. Very smooth in the court room.And when hes in the court room its almost like he's right at home. He got my speeding ticket reduced from$ 209 to only $100 and no court fees as well. And what a great speaker. Its almost like he's known the juge for ever. Over all hes a great lawyer very responsive and informative.


by a Speeding Ticket client

Excellent Lawyer

I am very thankful for Mr Awad's knowledge, expediency, and professionalism in handling our case. I was referred to him when trying to find a lawyer for my son's felony case. Mr. Awad followed up with us regularly (even on a Friday evening) and was relentless in obtaining anwers from the D.A.'s office. 


Because of Mr. Awad, our case received the best possible outcome with the D.A's. office & the probation officers. 


Mr. Awad is honest, reasonably priced, knowledgeable, and he articulates well with all parties involved in the case. I have previously worked with several lawyers and I have never seen an attorney that works as hard to represent his client as Mr. Awad.

You won't regret hiring him!

I highly recommend Mr. Awad. I have had many lawyers in the past, and by far, Mr. Awad is the most efficient, effective, and honest. He communicated step-by-step of the process, and his confidence gave me courage. He is extremely responsive, and I can honestly say that he displays a level of expertise one rarely sees, even in attorneys who have practiced for decades. Mr. Awad is a true example of what the practice of law should truly be!


by Sergil

Best Lawyer I Had!

Mr. Awad was very professional and always over-prepared for court. He got me in and out of court under 20 minutes every time and handled my 3 misdemeanors, which were minor in possession of alcohol and 2 counts of simple battery, which ultimately ended up getting dismissed- no fines, no classes, no probation, no community service- nothing! He was always professional and explained the whole process to me and handled all the necessary paper work. If you want an aggressive, no-nonsense lawyer you can trust- you want Mr. Awad.


by Erik, a Criminal Defense client


Very Impressed Client!

In addition to having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, Mr Awad is one of those rare individuals who can both follow instructions and take initiative, as appropriate. He is strong in time. 

management and his competence extends beyond the skills for this case. It was literally a "walk in the park" for him. I was very satisfied with the results of my case since my charges were dismissed. I would definitely use Mr. Awad services in the future!


by Keera, a Business client

Best in Atlanta by far! He is relentless in court and will not stop until you are satisfied!

So I shopped around for attorneys to help me with a little felony charge... The whole process was a pain. When I called Mr. Awad, he was straight and to the point. He didn't give me all the extra useless information- he told me what to expect with and without an attorney, how much it should cost, and my chances of beating the case. Of course, every lawyer tends to answer every question with "it depends," but Mr. Awad came through for me and explained things well. He undersold himself at first, but the results were phenomenal. I keep a few of his businesscards with me at all times, and he's helped out a few of my friends already. This guy is awesome, and he will not let you down!


by Joey, a Criminal Defense client


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